New Story Found Behind Magnolia Tree

I had a most interesting visit with John and Helen Figh the other day, the outcome of which is the latest story in my People I Met at Church series.

It’s not that their house is invisible – it’s not. But it is true that most people don’t see it when they pass by. I explain why in “Beyond the Magnolia Tree with John and Helen.” Be sure to check it out.

The Fighs don’t do email or the Internet, so when I finished writing this piece about them, I drove a copy to their house and listened as Helen read the story to John. I don’t have that experience often, if ever – where people read my writings to me – but, I must say, after I heard this story, I really liked it. Hope you will too.

Speaking of houses, if you didn’t know this already, John’s grandfather built the oldest surviving brick residence in Montgomery – and the only brick structure to be moved up Court Street. Plus, he was the contractor for the state capitol building. Learn more here: