New Story about Old Friends Found Again

I did not expect this.  I had to silent my phone last night because it was buzzing from comments about a new story about a couple of people  I used to know at church.

I wasn’t sure how this story would go — the one I had written about former members and long-time friends, Mique and Rudy Morgan. The secret to my work, actually, is that I’m never sure how it will go. In any case, if you’d like to see the results now, you can read the story here:

I sent the piece to Mique and Rudy first, like I always do. When they were good with it, I thought to myself… let’s go slow with this one until I’m sure. Their family should see it next. Through Facebook messages, I sent the link to two daughters, a granddaughter and son-in-law. If they were good with it, I was going to post it on Facebook. But things got out of order. Their granddaughter Erica posted the story on Facebook before I did, so I went out there to catch up with my own post. Then Mique, Tobie, Kellie, and Ashley shared the story. Plus, I got a message from son-in-law Stanton, who is in Belize on a mission trip, saying he felt like he was in the room with me during the interview.

That’s when my notifications started buzzing, and I listened in to the comments their friends were making until I had to silent my phone and go to sleep. Hope you’ll enjoy My Evening with Mique and Rudy as much as the rest of us.

P.S. I wrote a draft and revision of this story but couldn’t get settled about it until I came up with a reason why – why would you want to go looking for friends you once knew. See what I mean here: