My name is Minnie Lamberth. I am a copywriter, content creator, author, creative encourager, and sometimes a painter and artist. I also have a cat.

A native of Alexander City, Alabama, I received my B.A. in English from Huntingdon College in Montgomery. After graduation, I entered the professional creative world when I was hired as a copywriter at a local advertising agency. From there, I moved for a time into state government, when I became the public information officer for the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. I later returned to Huntingdon to serve part-time as public relations director. That’s also when I wrote most of the manuscript that became the award-winning novel Life with Strings Attached (Paraclete Press).

I’ve been a full-time independent copywriter and content creator since 2000. I work remotely for marketers, entrepreneurs and content producers, and I write for all types of media, including websites, videos, ads, billboards, member magazines, book projects, social media and more. My fees are a great value, and I welcome new clients.

I’ve also released a follow-up to Life with Strings Attached in the novella, Miss Bertie Explains the Beginning of the World. And a follow-up to Miss Bertie has now been released the new novella, George Stringfellow Joins the Revolution.

Honors received during the course of my career include the Paraclete Fiction Award for a novel; the Huntingdon College Alumni Achievement Award, and Practitioner of the Year for the Public Relations Council of Alabama’s Montgomery Chapter. In addition, I once won a free haircut when I called a radio morning program and gave the correct answer to a trivia quiz.

Questions? Email me at [email protected].