New story that’s different in one big way

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eliseThis story about Elise Sailors is a little different from the other posts about people I met at church – because it also involves a note from my mother as well as the start of my career as a copywriter – and how Elise connects to both.

Hope you’ll enjoy:  Noteworthy Memories with Elise.

Oh, and this is different too. While this series is about people I met at church, I don’t actually remember where I met Elise. It wasn’t First Baptist Montgomery, for sure, but it might have been First Baptist Alex City. So I say that counts. Find out more in her story:

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Cross-Cultural Connections

Sometimes I am reminded that the world is a little larger than what I usually see. Most of my language barriers, for example, are fairly minor. Like the other day, I was listening to a 4-year-old classmate of mine explain to me that she had left a brown purse in the preschool Sunday school room and wanted to know if I had seen it.

Well, if only the words had been that simple. As she tried to express just that message, I concentrated on her face, watched her hand motions, and excitedly came to the conclusion, “Yes! I saw that purse!” And I gave it to her.

Language is a wonderful thing. Conversation is a connector between people, and sometimes between countries. Richard Alford knows quite a bit about this concept. As many of you know, I post stories from time to time about People I Met at Church. This time, I had a chance to talk with Richard about his experiences improving cross-cultural connections, especially by helping visitors to this country improve language skills. Hope you’ll take a look at his story here:

One Couple’s Caring-Centered Service

Evelyn Robinson and her husband Wesley (also known as Eugene) are fun, friendly and given to bouts of service that stretch from the church doorways to the Caring Center to the kitchen to Haiti (with a stop in between at a couple of antique booths on North Eastern Boulevard).  You can read more about them in this new story, Caring for Others with Evelyn and Wesley.

Faithful Caring in this 63rd Year

It would probably be easier for me to set up an appointment to interview the CEO of a large company than it would be to find a good time to talk to a family caregiver. Mary Ann Hannah and I had mentioned this possibility for a couple of weeks, always keeping in mind that it depended on the kind of day Gene was having. Thankfully, this opportunity worked out just in time for Valentine’s Day. You can read more about what I learned on my visit, and why she’s sticking close to home, right here:

New Story Takes a Turn through Mayberry

Hope you’ll enjoy this new story I just posted, Visiting Mayberry with Doug.

Even if you don’t know Doug Rogers, if you’ve been to First Baptist Church in Montgomery this fall, you’ve probably seen some of his work. He produced the inspiring series of videos shown to support the stewardship season and also to commemorate the church’s 185th anniversary. It’s no wonder the videos were incredibly good; he’s a professional. 

Even if you don’t know Doug or First Baptist Church, there are incredible scenes in one of Doug’s videos where you have a chance to see a father’s return to his family following  six-month deployment to the Middle East. Don’t miss it. You’ll find the link at the end of Visiting Mayberry with Doug.  

Oh, and as the story explains, he’s a bit of a Mayberry aficionado.

New Story from a Small Room with a Big Purpose

Hope you’ll enjoy this new story I just posted, In the Prayer Room with Glenda.

I actually didn’t know where the prayer room was located until Glenda Driskill showed me the other day. She said, “It’s across from the old library. Do you know where the old library is?”

“Yes,” I said. “I’ve been going to this church long enough to know where lots of things used to be.”

If you’re not sure where the prayer room is … but more importantly if you want to know the important things happening in there … well, you can learn more about all of that right here:

Like Glenda, you never know when you may be inspired to take on a new volunteer activity. Read about how she got the idea to join in this particular ministry in this latest story, In the Prayer Room with Glenda