I grew up in a small southern town where I learned the value of living in a community — that kind of thing where neighbors watch out for each other, friends help friends, and faith is at the center of what we do.

I still live and work in a community. It’s just a little more global now, and connections are made online more often than in person. The need for good neighbors, good friends and a growing faith hasn’t changed, however. And this point of view guides how I serve my clients as a copywriter.

A native of Alexander City, Alabama, I received my B.A. in English from Huntingdon College in Montgomery. After graduation, my dream was to become an advertising copywriter. I compiled a portfolio of clever clippings from the student newspaper and carried it to interview after interview with various advertising agencies. My big break came when I was hired by a Montgomery firm, and I loved the work and the experience I gained.

From there, I moved for a time into state government, when I became the public information officer for the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. I did a bit of an about-face next. I returned to Huntingdon to serve part-time as media relations director. That’s when I pursued another dream: I wrote most of the manuscript that became the novel Life with Strings Attached (Paraclete Press).

Publication of this novel came by route of winning the Paraclete Fiction Award, a 2004 contest seeking a literary novel with Christian themes that was conducted by Paraclete Press of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I later received another high honor from my alma mater when I was named winner of the Huntingdon College Alumni Achievement Award.

I had returned to my copywriting roots in 2000 when I stepped out on my own as a full-time independent copywriter. This is the longest job I’ve ever had, and at times the steepest road of faith I’ve ever traveled. But I have never been in this alone. My work has largely come through connections I have made in advertising and PR communities — and through the connections that others make for me.

If you’re my next client, I’m already looking forward to working with you on the copy and content that will help you pursue your mission. Email me at minnielamberth.copy@gmail.com, and let’s get started with a friendly, no-obligation conversation.