Cat at Rest

I’d read that cats make eye contact when entering a room because they want to know if you’re going to protect them as they get a little shut-eye. They’ve got to grab forty winks, or maybe eighty. Will you take care of the place, they want to know. Will you make sure they’re safe.

I always tell Trixie yes, go ahead. I’ve got it.

She came into my office just then, with sudden jump on table, but crouched position, ears back. Concerned. Could mean that something, perhaps a windblown leaf or a squirrel outdoors, had caused her concern.

“You okay?” I asked. She didn’t speak, which is her usual style when she’s unsure. She won’t meow if the thinks she’s going to tip off an intruder to her position. Smart girl.

I checked the windows. Probably a leaf. But could have been a squirrel.

She’s resting now. Getting that shut-eye she needed.

Hope you feel safe today, as if someone’s watching the place while you rest.