5 R’s for Navigating Change

If I picked one word that is the key to my life as a creative solopreneur, it is this one:


I wish someone had tipped me off to this word when I began my freelance writing career, but I had to learn it through experience.

I launched my journey as an independent copywriter 20 years ago. In 2001, I onboarded my best-paying copywriting client. Hooray! In 2003, that client went away. Oh, dear.

It’s been like that ever since.

There are cycles to business needs and business relationships. I can be there to meet the opportunity when it’s there, but let it go if it goes.

Year ago, I signed a temporary client. We discussed working together for a couple of months on a weekly editing project, at least until she could replace her assistant. Thirteen months later, she replaced her assistant.

I said goodbye.

When that assistant left, I came on board for another couple of months for regular editing work until she could replace her assistant.

Four months later I said goodbye.

This happened once more. A temporary assignment. This time it lasted two years before I said goodbye.

Some things go away, some things come back. Resilience enables a creative entrepreneur to let go as it goes but welcome it back the next time around. Or respond to the changed environment and regroup.

R is a great letter for words that guide: Resilience. Respond. Regroup.

And, of course, this one: Relationship.

Build that, and you may get them again on the Rebound.