Min at Work

!cid_B717A11C-221E-4CFF-87EC-C7E73C525DC8At What Point Do You Tell an Untold Story?

Minnie Lamberth shares her closely-held tale in Min at Work. With charm, humor, kindness, and reluctance, she recounts her journey to and from the publication of an award-winning novel. In doing so, Lamberth tells how her work as a writer intermingles with cookies, carpool, aunthood, and art – all to learn the lessons that every heart needs to know.

“Reading Min at Work is a delight. It is as if you’re sitting across the kitchen table with a wise, warm and wonderful friend who’s full of delightful stories that you hope never end. Minnie Lamberth weaves art, writing, family, and faith together into the fabric of her life and invites us to wrap ourselves in that cloth of words and find ourselves in those stories as well.” – Brent Bill, writer, photographer, retreat leader and Quaker minister

“This entertaining memoir is a philosophical narrative of how the author balances a writing career and the sideline development of a talent for painting with her spiritual calling and loving attention to family. The slight change in style as the book progresses is part of its charm.” – Julia Oliver, novelist, playwright and journalist

“Minnie Lamberth’s Min at Work is the most satisfying and inspirational book I’ve read in many a day, and I read a lot. It reveals both the seriousness and the joy at the heart of our deepest values while making you smile and weep and shake your head at the wonder of daily life. If you only buy one book this year, buy this one. Read it more than once and give copies to all your friends. It is a book that truly lifts the spirits.” – Judith Hillman Paterson, author of Sweet Mystery: A Book of Remembering

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